Singing For Wellbeing (Virtual Group Meet on ZOOM) A 9-week pilot group accessible to anyone.

From February the 2nd, 2021, Mid-Kent Mind will be launching a nine-week pilot ‘Singing For Wellbeing’ course designed to bring people together to embrace the benefits that music therapy can have on both our mental health and our wellbeing.

The group will be delivered via video conferencing platform ZOOM, and hopes to provide people with a safe and welcoming space where they can express themselves through song. Each week, the group will get to choose from different songs and make suggestions for the feel good tracks which they would like to sing along to for the week.

The group has been inspired by many studies, such as this one from Oxford University, which highlight the benefits of singing as a group on our mental health. It is our hope that we can recreate similar benefits in a virtual medium – providing people with a safe space to come together and embrace an activity which has proven psychological benefits.

The group has been funded through as a pilot programme by Mid Kent Mind. We are trialling a 9-week pilot programme which will mean you can access the group without being registered with a partner organisation, although you will need to get in touch with our organisation to book a New-To-Mind appointment, which will allow you to access this group.

If you are already registered with Mid Kent Mind, Live Well Kent or access other groups from Mid Kent Mind already then you do not need to re-register.

You will need to book a new-to-Mind appointment to access this group.

Please e-mail or call  07534  044513 to book your appointment.

Once registered, click here to access the group.

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