Workplace Wellbeing Suite. A suite of training sessions and workshops designed to promote wellbeing in the workplace.

At Mid Kent Mind, we pride ourselves on our holistic approach to mental health. We know that different things work for different people – and that individuality is key when it comes to positive coping strategies for our mental health. The same is true for businesses – with different sectors and enterprises facing different challenges and changing pressures when it comes to the mental health of workforces.

With this in mind, we have developed a scalable suite of support which will equip everyone from managers to frontline staff with the confidence they need to be proactive about workplace wellbeing.

You can view the sessions and workshops available under this suite below.

Workplace Stress and How to Manage It. This interactive workshop will help employees to identify and understand specific stressors within the workplace. It will help them to recognise the signs of stress, whilst also allowing them to explore coping techniques and strategies they can use to reduce their stress levels.


Supporting Mental Health within the Workplace. (A Session for Managers) This three-and-a-half hour training session will build awareness of mental health whilst also equipping managers with realistic tools and techniques they can use to develop supportive workplace culture. This session covers everything from how to support members of a team who may be struggling, to managing the return-to-work process and making reasonable adjustments to accommodate it. In short – this is your managerial mental health toolkit!


Building A Mentally Healthy Team. This interactive workshop will help you to understand the characteristics of a mentally healthy team and why developing supportive cultures in the workplace is so vital. This session will also explore strategies and resources which will help to maintain good mental health within the workplace.


Managing Conflict. A training session helping you to identify potential conflicts, strategies to help de-escalate situations, and how you can effectively manage boundaries within the workplace environment. This session builds heavily on the role of active listening when it comes to managing conflict.


Developing Communication & Active Listening Skills. An interactive workshop helping you to understand the importance of communication in the workplace and how different methods can be used to communicate. The course also explores active listening skills and body language, and how understanding these two areas can help with effective communicating.


Building Resilience. This workshop helps people to understand how resilience can affect our mental health and our wellbeing. In this workshop we will explore the thoughts, feeling and behaviours cycle, will look at unhelpful thinking styles, and also the six ways to wellbeing. The session also looks at how people can effectively manage change.


Mindfulness. An interactive workshop introducing people to mindfulness and exploring how it can help to improve mental health and wellbeing. This workshop will teach people a variety of mindfulness techniques they can utilise as part of a strategy to maintain good levels of mental health.


Money and Mental Health. This training session explores mental health in a broad concept and how it can have an effect on decision making skills. It also looks at the impact debt can have on mental health, techniques people can use to improve money management skills whilst becoming financially resilient, and also signposts to relevant support services.


Improving Wellbeing: Sleep, Nutrition & Exercise. This three-and-a-half-hour training session explores the impact of sleep, diet and exercise on mental health and wellbeing. This session helps people to identify ways of improving these areas of mental health and wellbeing, and also aims to support with goal setting.

This offering consists of a mix of two-and-a-half hour sessions and half-day sessions. For more details on the workshops and training sessions, our costings, and any bespoke requirements which you may be interested in exploring, please don’t hesitate to contact