Adult Wellbeing Resilience Action Plans (WRAPS)

A Personalised plan to help you move forwards.

WRAPS are one-to-one coaching sessions focused on improving your wellbeing. Our team will tailor the six week programme to your individual needs and help you to identify areas where you may be struggling. Using Cognitive Behavioural Coaching techniques you will be empowered to take proactive steps to improve your mental health, confidence and emotional resilience.

programme to your needs and help you  to empower you to identify areas where you may struggle and take proactive steps in those areas to improve your mental health confidence and emotional resilience by developing more effective coping skills.

We won’t just work with you to address the problems you’re experiencing now – we’ll work with you to build your understanding and knowledge teaching you healthy coping strategies that can be used at any time to proactively manage life’s ups and down. 

Some of the common areas explored during WRAP sessions can include:

  • Managing wellbeing and anger
  • Physical health and self-care
  • Living skills and responsibilities
  • Social networks
  • Relationships
  • Identity and self-esteem
  • Aspirations
  • Challenging and/or addictive behaviours

Whilst these are common areas addressed during these sessions, content will be tailored to your needs. 

Our WRAPS last for six weeks – with each week consisting of a one-hour session with one of our Wellbeing Coaches.

These sessions are available to adults 18+. Whilst we sometimes have funding available to deliver these free of charge, these are also available to self fund at a total cost of £280. 

To enquire about our adult WRAPS please complete the contact form below. If you are a young person seeking support, please complete the form on our Youth Wraps page.