Service Update: 15th of July 2022

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Make sure you follow these simple steps to stay safe in the sun. Avoid being out in the sun during the hottest part of the day – 11am to 3pm. Make sure you apply sun cream regularly, and you never burn. Your sun cream should have an SPF of at least factor 30 and a minimum of a four-star rating. Wear a hat and stay covered up with suitable clothes and sunglasses. Find out more about being skin smart and staying safe in the sun at Produced by the Kent and Medway Cancer Alliance.

As the heat continues to provide challenges for all of us, we wanted to make you aware of some additional changes to our services for the coming week.

On Monday the 18th, and Tuesday the 19th of July, Mid Kent Mind staff have been instructed to work from home to avoid having to travel to the office un-necessarily in high temperatures. There will be a skeleton team in the building to continue to provide our Counselling Services and also to operate our phone lines – but beyond Counselling, there will be no other face-to-face services running from our building on these days.

This is a gap week for Live Well Services so clients who would usually access these sessions should be unaffected. If you are travelling for a counselling session, then we advise you to take all the necessary precautions before travelling in for your session. If you decide that due to the heat you would rather re-arrange your session, then our team will be available to help with facilitating this – please just notify us.

When checking moles, know your ABCDEs. A Asymmetry. Both halves don’t look the same. B Border. The mole has blurred or jagged edges. C Colour. The mole has more than one colour. D Diameter. Grows larger than 5mm. E Evolution Changes size, shape or colour. If you find any new moles or changes to existing ones, book an appointment with your GP as soon as possible. Find out more about being skin smart and checking your moles at Produced by the Kent and Medway Cancer Alliance.

 We would encourage those of you who can stay home and stay cool. If you need to leave the house, please try to avoid travelling between 11am and 3pm as these are likely to be the hottest parts of the day. Also ensure that you are carrying water with you – and use sun cream and stick to the shade where possible.

You can find more details about staying safe in the sun at the NHS website:

We hope you are all able to stay safe and well during the hot weather, and look forward to seeing you soon.