Ashford Volunteer - MMK Mind Youth Services - If you are interested in getting involved and helping young people in Ashford, contact Nikki via for finding your way here – clearly you are interested in volunteering with MMK Mind. Volunteering can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience – and one which can put you in a good position for future employment. Whether you are looking to add something new to your C.V., or are wanting to learn more about the mental health sector, there is lots of good to take away from time volunteering.

This particular position is to work alongside our Youth Co-Ordinator, Nikki, and the rest of the team to help deliver mental health services for young people in Ashford.


Whether this be a Managing Me course, a RAPs course, or work within schools, you will have the opportunity to learn exactly about the mental health services that MMK Mind provide for young people across the county. Youth mental health issues continue to be prevalent – so the need to continually develop adaptable and accessible services is key. It’s an exciting time to get involved – with support constantly growing for youth services, and a lot of insight and knowledge to be learned!


So, what will you take away from volunteering?


Volunteering will provide you with a rewarding sense of fulfilment, and will allow you to develop new skills and a new understanding of the way young people interact with mental health services. This can be invaluable experience that you can take with you as you progress in life – allowing you to understand how to better help young people experiencing mental health problems.


In addition to these rewards, every volunteer with us receives a full reference after 3 Months of volunteering – allowing them something beneficial to add to a C.V. If you are perhaps a parent or carer looking to get back into work, then this is a real opportunity to make a difference.

Interested in getting involved? You can contact Nikki via 07534 044518, or you can E-Mail: