Tackling Your Teens A course exploring the problems which young people face today.

Tackling Your Teens (Formerly Life After Lockdown) is a four week programme which is designed to equip young people with the tools and the knowledge they need to better prepare themselves for the ways in which they engage with their peers, and also the wider world. 

This course aims to provide young people with a opportunity to explore some of the topics which are most prevalent in the world today – giving them a chance to better understand how these things can influence both their mental health, and their wellbeing.

Topics covered throughout the duration of the course include:

  • Mental Health (In It’s Broadest Content)
  • Sleep
  • Study Skills
  • Organisation
  • Taking Your Next Steps In Education
  • Food & Healthy Eating
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Social Media
  • Peer Pressure

Tackling Your Teens aims to provide young people with a one-stop-shop looking at some of the most prominent areas of teenage life – allowing them to build their confidence so they are prepared to tackle all of these areas in positive ways as they progress through adolescence and into their adult years. The skills they learn during this programme aren’t just applicable for their teens – but can be carried forward with them for life.

Courses will be available via ZOOM – with the hope that virtual delivery will encourage more people to access these sessions.

There are currently no Reconnect Dates for this programme booking – but you can book onto one of our other dates.

These courses are delivered in partnership with Youth Resilience UK, and are funded through Kent County Council’s RECONNECT programme.

Reconnect is a community-led programme designed to get Kent’s children and young people back to enjoying the activities and opportunities they took part in before COVID-19 – as well as the chance to try new things along the way. Everyone can get involved!

Additional Dates/Times T.B.C

To book your space, please use the bookings form found above, or e-mail bookings@midkentmind.org.uk

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Life After Lockdown - The Reconnect Programme - YRUK and MK Mind Logos