On this page you will learn more about James Villas Fundraising for Maidstone and Mid-Kent Mind.

At the start of 2019, we were approached by the team at James Villas – who stated that they wanted to make us their charity of the year for 2019. Since those initial conversations took place, we have been able to work alongside the company to support an assortment of different fundraisers which the company have undertaken. This page will give you a visual idea of some of the fundraisers which they have undertaken. They have been an amazing partner for us, and we are eager to work with more businesses to create even more awareness about mental health in the future.

April 2019 – James Villas Easter Cake Sale & Bonnet Competition


For their Easter 2019 fundraising activities, the James Villas team took on a two-pronged approach, with a fundraising Cake Sale supported by an Easter Bonnet competition.

The team invited us in to judge their entries and dish out prizes – and it was wonderful to be a part of the day. It was great seeing how much the activity had, in true spirit of Wellbeing, brought the James Villas team together – with members from different departments sharing in friendly competition and trying each other’s baking creations. This is a fantastic example of how a creative fundraiser can be great in not only raising funds for a charity – but in bringing all your team members together in a nice and rewarding manner, too! 

November 2019 – James Villas Travel Day


For their biggest fundraiser of the year, James Villas put on a ‘Travel Day’ – a wonderful opportunity for them to embrace the cultures and places which are so essential to their industry. It was wonderful getting to join them for this fantastic fundraiser – which not only brought their team together, but also brought the sights and tastes of many different countries too! This fundraiser was wonderful to experience first-hand – and is something which will stay with us for many years.

This goes to show just how much of a difference a great camaraderie amongst a team can make!

December 2019 – Christmas Jumper Day


For their Christmas 2019 fundraiser, James Villas decided to tackle National Christmas Jumper Day – and they had some fantastic efforts from their staff time! We appreciate the ‘Nice and Naughty’ twins, pictured here, who ended up going through the discomfort of being stuck together all day – all to fundraise for a good cause!

Other Fundraising Activities

James Villas Fundraising - Donation Tin Illustration

These are just three of an assortment of different activities which James Villas have undertaken – including spontaneous donations, running challenges and much, much more!

In return for their hard work fundraising, we have been able to provide some Mental Health Awareness and Mental Health First Aid training to the organisation – allowing them to learn and develop new skills relating to mental health which will go straight back into supporting staff within their workplace. We also continue to work with them to provide mental health information and resources – ensuring that they are able to increase awareness within their workplace.

To date, James Villas have raised over £7000 for Maidstone and Mid-Kent Mind – a fantastic amount which we are incredibly grateful for. We are excited to continue working with the organisation in 2020 and beyond!

Would your company like to fundraise for MMK Mind?

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