Digital Support From The Reaching Communities Programme. Digital Support and Training Opportunities.

As a part of the Reaching Communities Programme, young people who complete our courses and return feedback will be entered into a prize draw.

Mid Kent Mind have been generously awarded £449,000 by the National Lottery Community Fund to deliver Youth Support in both Maidstone and Swale for five years – starting in 2019. The programme aims to fund an assortment of different support.

Cognitive Behavioural Coaching (CBC) courses will be provided for young people alongside a drop-in Wellbeing Café service – providing young people with opportunities to develop their knowledge of coping mechanisms and seek support for poor mental health. This is combined with interactive training for young people in the form of Mental Health First Aid – providing young people with opportunities to access training which will increase their knowledge of different mental health problems. 

Alongside support for young people, the programme also aims to introduce training opportunities for adults – with both Youth Mental Health First Aid and Mental Health Awareness courses taking place. These courses will aim to increase adult confidence around mental health in young people, so that adults feel better prepared to support young people who may be struggling with their wellbeing. 

During current periods of uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 situation, we have aimed to digitalise as much of this support as we can. You can find full details on some of the courses available as part of the Reaching Communities programme below.

Youth Wellbeing Cafe (Ages 9 – 18)

Our Youth Wellbeing Cafe offers support to young people virtually – providing a safe space to take part in virtual activities and feel the benefits of peer-to-peer interactions with others.

Click here to learn more. 

Digital CBC Courses

Some of our CBC Courses will be digitalised to make them more accessible – and some of these may be delivered as part of the over-arching Reaching Communities programme. View our ‘Virtual Courses’ tab for more details on these courses.

Mental Health Awareness Training

We are exploring opportunities to deliver some online MHA sessions for free as part of our Reaching Communities programme – but this is still something which needs to be explored further.

For now, you can read more details about digital MHA here. 

Youth Recovery Action Plans

Mid-Kent Mind are pleased to be offering Youth Recovery Action Plans for young people to access one-to-one support during this difficult time.

For more details, click here.

Life After Lockdown

A programme helping young people to explore the challenges which they may face in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Click here to learn more.

We also want to hear from you during this difficult time!

Is there a type of online support you feel a young person could benefit from? It could be an online exercise class, an online yoga session or something else entirely.

Let us know what your idea is by completing the contact form below and we will see if we can implement it as an online service in the future. 

Made possible thanks to the generosity of the National Lottery Community Fund.