Managing Me Feedback

We have some great Managing Me Feedback. See the quotes below from students who took part in the activity.

Managing Me Feedback - Student 1: Before the course I was shy in lessons and I got into a lot of trouble for things like arguing and not doing the work. I did not understand what the teacher was saying. But in a couple of lessons with teacher’s I liked I did the work and spoke out. During the Managing Me course I got more confident, but I still got into a lot of trouble so that made me go downhill, so I began to slip and get into more trouble. In the course I felt I could speak up without being judged. It made me feel a lot more confident because there was a small number of people in the group and they did not judge me for how I led my life and spent my time. After the course I am not getting into as much trouble and I am more confident and I am learning I can speak up and not get judged by other people. Student 2: Before Managing Me I would always keep to myself and be distant. I would always be anxious about something happening to me or my family. I was very emotional about things and I hated every lesson. During Managing Me I felt a bit closer to people and I would talk to them and help them and I would listen. The part that mainly helped me was socialising with others which I never did before and I also felt less anxious . I was talking more, it made me realise that others had the same problems as me which made me realise they would understand and listen. There were five others in the group we were all good about taking turns and listening. I liked the activities where communication was required. I liked most the game where we had small pieces of paper and had to get to the other side of the room and back again. We had to work as a team. After Managing Me I felt a tiny bit anxious because of my anxiety but other than that I am ok. Before Managing Me when I got home after school, I used to go straight to my room and not talk to my family. But now I am confident to be sociable and play with my siblings. I have less bad thoughts and I can control most of my emotions and I am more active in lessons and out of school. I believe that Managing Me helped me become closer to my friends and family. Student 3: Before Managing Me I was not confident to speak in class or to teachers. Then when I came I was nervous to speak to anyone in the group. It was fun for the next few days and during the rest of the days. Before doing Managing Me I could hardly hear the teachers because I was at the back of the class. But now I always hear the teachers and am confident to speak in class or to teachers. I was able to ask the teacher if I could sit at the front. I could not have done this before going to Managing Me. Now if I don’t understand I will ask the teacher. Overall now I am confident to speak to anyone. Student 4: Before I started Managing Me my anxiety levels were in the middle maybe average. It was still a new school to me but with Managing Me my confidence went up. But before I was a bit scared of people in older years because sometimes they laugh if I trip up or they scare me by jumping out at me and shouting Boo. I am learning to try to ignore. In Managing Me we played fun games to get to know each other. It is a smaller class which I like . I’d prefer if we could have only fifteen students in a class. Then I could use my voice more and say my stuff. One of the days on the course I was on my way to the class room when the fire alarm went off, it scared me . I followed everyone and we went to the Managing Me class. I was able to calmdown in there due to the calmness and quietness. It really helped me to calm down. Throughout this no one judges me for who I am. I was finding my voice to help find my confidence. I am trying new clubs to help find my confidence. Choir on a Wednesday and I go to “Munch it” lunchtime every day. My friend Patience has told me about Drama club. I am going to give it a go. I really do think Managing Me has helped me and I would like to do something like this again.