Counselling in Maidstone - Our low-cost counselling service is designed to provide affordable access to high-quality talking therapies

About Our Service

Our Low Cost Counselling Service is available to people aged 18+ registered with a GP, by self referral. Appointments are available Mon-Fri 9-5, some weekday evenings, and on a Sunday afternoon. All times are dependant on counsellor availability.

This service offers talking therapy/counselling, which involves talking to a counsellor about your thoughts, feelings and behaviour. Each counselling session lasts for 50 minutes. Limits are not set to a specific number of sessions, but therapy progress is assessed every 6 weeks and sessions are suitably extended to meet the individuals needs.

Our service aims to:

  • Give you a safe time and place to talk to someone who won’t judge you
  • Help you make sense of things and understand yourself better
  • Help you resolve complicated feelings, or find ways to live with them
  • Help you recognise unhelpful patterns in the way you think or act, and find ways to change them (if you want to).

A large number of our Counsellors are trainees that are BACP registered and are undertaking a BACP recognised counselling qualification. As part of their training they have all been assessed and have proved capable of pratice within a counselling service. With ongoing training and supervision the trainee counsellors must usually practice 100 hours of counselling in order to become qualified. It is within these hours that your counselling sessions will take place if you are counselled by a trainee counsellor.

Because the majority of our counsellors are trainees we are able to offer this affordable `Low Cost’ Counselling service to people with lower level mental health problems such as mild to moderate depression or anxiety.

How To Register

If you feel this service could be beneficial to you then you can self-refer by calling us directly on 01622 692383 between the hours of 9am -1pm. Alternatively you can e-mail

Before you could start talking therapy you would need to take part in a telephone assessment to make sure our service is suitable for you. Telephone assessments help keep our waiting times for assessment and treatment low, however, if you feel a face to face assessment fits your needs better then please request this.

After your assessment, if our service is suitable for you, your assessor will discuss appointment availability with you and may book in your first therapy session with a counsellor. You will remain with the same counsellor throughout your therapy and your weekly therapy sessions will be at the same time and day of the week, unless discussed with the counsellor in exceptional circumstances.

Before your first session you will be asked to sign a `Client Agreement’ (you can request to see a copy of this by e-mail to Reading and signing your Client Agreement is important and necessary before you start your talking therapy with MMK Mind.

If your counsellor is a trainee, they will also ask you to read/sign some essential documents to help you understand their need for take notes of your counselling sessions to aid them with their training and qualification. These notes are anonymised, and are kept and stored with your counsellor under current GDPR regulations, for their training purposes only.

Your counsellor will also create a `Client Session Record’ for each session you have with them which will be held, under current GDPR regulations, with MMK Mind. You may request to see a copy of your Client Session Records in writing to, Julie Blackmore, CEO at MMK Mind.


Confidentiality is a key part of talking therapy. Any information you disclose will be treated confidentially, unless our counsellor has serious concerns about your safety, or the safety of others. In these rare circumstances, it is appropriate for your counsellor to discuss concerns with their Line Manager who will then follow safeguarding procedures. This procedure is part of MMK Minds Safeguarding Policy. You can ask to view this policy at Reception.


Our Low Cost Counselling service is broken into three pricing brackets, which can be found below:

Counselling in Maidstone - Cost Guidelines. Unwaged - £10 per hour. Receiving working tax credits - £15 per hour. Receiving no benefits - £20 per hour.

Get In Touch:

For more information please contact 01622 692383 or E-Mail

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