The Service

The Counselling Service of Maidstone and Mid-Kent Mind is available to clients by arrangement in the daytime, evening and at weekends, at our wellbeing centre in Maidstone.

What kind of Counselling is available?

Our counsellors, both male and female, come from different walks of life and different cultural backgrounds.

Most of our counsellors have been trained in a number of approaches to counselling and will adapt to the needs of the client. This is called an Integrative Approach.

We strive to match the needs of the client with the skills and approach of a particular counsellor.

We agree the number of sessions with each client, and review this during the counselling process: we do not set rigid boundaries around a maximum number of sessions.


Confidentiality is a key part of the counselling relationship. Any information you disclose will be treated confidentially, unless a counsellor has serious concerns about the safety of the client, or others. In these rare circumstances, it is appropriate for the counsellor to discuss this with us. This process is explained in the counselling agreement signed by clients.

How do I refer?

Self referrals, or referrals from any professional, are made to the office and we will then contact you to discuss your needs. And explain the costs.

You are allocated a counsellor and they will be in touch with you to arrange the first session. As this is a popular service, there is sometimes a waiting list. Sometimes we might suggest another service of MMK Mind if it is more appropriate to your needs.

So, how much do you charge?

Counselling in Maidstone - Pricing - Unwaged - £10 per hour. Receiving Working Tax Credits - £15 per hour. Receiving no benefits. - £20 per hour.

What is expected of clients?

Clients pay for each session that is booked for them. If you do not turn up to a booked session, you can pay the next time for the session you missed. We will try to arrange the sessions around your needs.

We also ask clients to complete a feedback form at the end of the counselling, so we know how useful the service has been to you. MMK Mind are committed to continuously improve our services through quality review and service user feedback.

Aims of the counselling service:

  • To offer a high quality counselling service.
  • Minimum age of clients is 18 years.
  • To provide clients with space and time to work with an individual counsellor to meet their individual needs.
  • To create positive changes in clients’ lives by addressing specific problems, identifying ways of coping, developing personal insight, understanding thoughts and feelings, and considering the implications of actions that may be taken.
  • To encourage clients to make appropriate use of other services provided by MMK Mind or other agencies.
  • To provide a counselling service which is also appropriate to the needs of people with significant mental health issues.

For more information please contact 01622 692383 or E-Mail