Contacting our team during the COVID-19 Outbreak. Methods for contacting us will change slightly.

Whilst our team are working remotely, the methods in which you are able to contact us will change slightly to accommodate the fact that our team will not be working from our central office.

Our Office Phone Number (01622 692383) will not be operated during this period. We are working on introducing a new voicemail message to better guide clients as to how they can contact our teams.

Two members of the team will have Reception responsibilities, and will be available to facilitate enquiries via work mobiles. You can call these members of our team with enquiries about our services, and they will ensure that your contact details are passed on to the relevant member of our team and actioned accordingly. These two mobile numbers will alternate on a daily basis, with one number acting as the main reception, and another acting as the secondary number. You can find these listed below.

Main Number: 07534 044513 (Please use this number when making counselling payments)

Secondary Number: 07934 226442

During this period, our E-Mails will also have members of staff assigned to them at all times. 

For general inquiries, e-mail:

For training-related inquiries, e-mail:

Our Social Media channels will also be used as an integral part of our communications strategy over the coming weeks. You can find our social media by clicking the links below.

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