Maidstone Hope Cafe Telephone Support Service - Over the phone advice and support.

Every Saturday, from 4pm – 5:30pm, we will now be offering the opportunity for our Cafe service users to chat and socially in a virtual medium through ZOOM.

To access the Cafe ZOOM Room, hit this link.

This group will be facilitated by staff every week – in addition to over-the-phone support, which will also remain available.

This weekend our face-to-face support will be available on Friday (10th September) and Saturday (11th September) but we will not be offering face to face services on Sunday (12th September).

For support on Sunday you can call us via 07787 343496.

Over-The-Phone Support Available This Weekend. Friday 17th September. Support between 5pm & 9pm Incoming Calls (Maidstone Cafe): 07927 794789. Sunday 19th September. Support between 1pm & 5pm Incoming Calls (Maidstone Cafe): 07787 343496.

There will be changes to the Maidstone Hope Cafe as a direct impact of the changes which we are having to make organisation-wide due to COVID-19.

After careful considerations, and after discussing the nature of this service with our funders, we have decided to transform the service into a telephone-based Crisis Avoidance service for the interim period whilst we are closed – allowing us to provide a level of wellbeing support remotely.

What does this mean if I need to access the Hope Cafe service?

If you need to access the Maidstone Hope Cafe service during this period of time, then services will be slightly different than they would be normally.

The service will no longer be able to offer crisis support – as this is something which we will be unable to facilitate on a remote level. We want to ensure that you get the best support possible throughout this period of time – and that means signposting you to Clinical Services which will be better equipped to support you during crisis. Our service will, however, be available to provide Crisis Avoidance. What this means, essentially, is that our staff will be accessible to provide you with a level of wellbeing support which will help you to maintain a positive level of mental health. The aim of this will to be prevent you from entering crisis – as you are able to seek an intervention and talk to somebody about how you are feeling before things escalate to that level.

Where possible, our staff will also be equipped with signposting information and details – allowing you seek additional support during this challenging period of time. 

If you have any questions about the Maidstone Hope Cafe, and how these service changes will affect the services that you can access as a part of our Cafe, then you can contact our team via