Changes To The Ashford Wellbeing Cafe. The Ashford Cafe will offer telephone support.

This service is accessible this afternoon between 1pm and 5pm. Call 07534 043698 to access support.

As our services continue to change due to COVID-19, the Ashford Wellbeing Cafe will see changes too.

The last face-to-face session at the Ashford Wellbeing Cafe will be on the 22nd of March. After this, the programme will transfer to a remote format – meaning support will be offered over the telephone.

What does this mean if I am a frequent service user?

If you are a frequent service user, then the hours during which you can access support from the Ashford Cafe will change. We appreciate that a lot of people are at home currently, and may benefit from a little bit of extra supports, so we will be shifting the hours the Ashford Cafe is available to ensure that more people can benefit from this support. Support will now be available from 4pm – 8pm.

The format of the Cafe itself will change to 10 minute slots for Wellbeing phone-calls – where service users will have an opportunity to talk to a wellbeing worker and have a conversation about their week and any concerns they may have. This aims to alleviate potential stressors which are present currently, whilst also tackling the issues that isolation and loneliness can cause – allowing individuals to still have a frequent, weekly form of social interaction.

The numbers the Cafe is available on will be posted on our website on a daily basis – and will also be shared on our Social Media channels.

These phone calls will be available on the same days when support is available from the Ashford Cafe – and service users who would usually access the Ashford Cafe are also welcome to access our additional support which will be available during the week, and which can be found by clicking here.

If you have any questions about the way in which the Ashford Wellbeing Cafe will run during this period, and how you can make the most of the support which is available, then our team will be contactable during the week. You can get in touch by clicking here, or by e-mailing