“Mid Kent Mind aims to promote a culture where discrimination is eliminated, and to provide an environment of equal opportunities where everyone recognises the positive contribution a diverse workforce and community can make.”

Our Ethos, Approach & Aim

We believe in recognising people as unique individuals and not as a diagnosis or a label and that empowerment is key in recovery and maintaining wellbeing.

Mid-Kent Mind work in the community to promote social inclusion for people who experience mental health problems. We strive to tackle stigma and discrimination through a number of projects that promote a better understanding of mental health.

We support individuals from a person centred approach and work with them to develop skills that aid them in their recovery, encouraging self-management of their wellbeing. The six ways to wellbeing are central to our community service activity provision and other courses and programmes. It is important to ascertain if our approach is achieving results and to this end we implement the Warwick-Edinburgh Mental Wellbeing Scale as a method of measuring wellbeing and psychological functioning. Our one to one framework and measurement of recovery is the Recovery Action Plan. This collaborative and visual tool identifies the aspects of life that affect mental health, encourages structured and useful dialogue, gives users insight, and empowers them with self-led action plans to move forward with their recovery.

Through ongoing partnership working and self-evaluation, we aim to ensure that the needs of each individual, who experiences a mental health problem, are met with the best possible support and outcome.



Mid Kent Mind has been awarded the Mind Quality Mark 2021-24.

The Mind Quality Mark is a rigorous quality assurance standard. It sets the bar of good practice and legal compliance for all organisations in the Mind Federation.

Once every three years, local Minds are reviewed against the Mind Quality Mark standards. The reviews are led by people with lived experience of mental health problems and senior leaders from other local Minds. They are based on a robust assessment of documentary evidence as well as interviews with and survey responses from trustees, staff, volunteers, and people who use services.

To achieve the Mind Quality Mark, local Minds must be well-run organisations delivering safe, life-changing support for people with mental health problems.

Mid-Kent Mind are affiliated with Mind – the national Mental Health charity.

Mid Kent Mind & Mind Quality Mark