MMK Mind’s 2018 AGM in Maidstone had some fantastic attendance. Thank you to everyone who came. We couldn’t do what we do without you!

2018 AGM in Maidstone. Photos from our 2018 AGM in Maidstone. First photograph shows the audience sitting in the council chamber at Maidstone Town Hall. Second photograph shows Suzanne giving a talk at the event. The third photo is some colourful artwork of line art and a poppy presented by a service user. The fourth photo shows Sue, Julie, Hazel and Heidi conversing. The fifth photo demonstrates some of the attendees networking. The sixth photo shows Julie looking out at the audience. The seventh photo shows James giving a presentation to audiences. The eighth photo shows Julie handing a gift to a volunteer who has helped the organisation. The ninth photo shows Sue presenting the Chairperson's speech to the audience. The tenth photo shows Hazel presenting the treasurer's findings. The eleventh photo is another photo of Sue's speech. The twelfth photo is a photo of Nicky Underwood talking about Therapeutic Drumming.