Youth Programme - Learn more about all of the youth courses which are delivered under MMK Mind's Youth Programme.

MMK Mind deliver an assortment of youth services across the Mid-Kent area as part of our Youth Programme. Below are outlines for some of our courses.

A range of services to support young people with their mental health and wellbeing:

These courses are delivered within schools, colleges and youth organisations across Maidstone and beyond.

  • Managing Me: to help develop coping strategies for stress, anxiety and depression.
  • Taming My Temper: for anger management and to reduce aggressive behaviour.
  • Bounce Back: to increase resilience and decision-making skills.
  • Being Boosted: to increase confidence and self-esteem.
  • Balancing My Behaviour: to help change negative behaviours to positive.
  • Standing Strong: to increase confidence, self-esteem, promote positive body image and instil resilience (For young women only).
  • Forward Thinking Females: to develop confidence, self-esteem, promote body image, foster good diet and exercise habits incorporating sport and working in partnership with This Girl Can.
  • Being Boosted MMA: to develop confidence and self-esteem with mixed martial arts.
  • Taming My Temper MMA: to help with anger management strategies with mixed martial arts.

Contact Us

For more information about these courses or to book a place please contact Nikki Brooker on 01622 692383 or e-mail

What participants have said about our programme

“Genuinely more valuable than my entire 5 years at CAMHS” (Managing Me course)

“I feel this group really helped me control my mental health”

“My self-esteem has gotten better and I’m more confident in myself”

“I enjoyed being able to speak truthfully without any worries”

“I learned to put things into perspective and how to deal with negative thoughts”

“I learned to control my anger and also to feel good about myself”

“I learned how to relax in stressful situations”

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