Head Start Project

Working in partnership with Pathways to Independence this new project (Head Start) aims to increase clients’ levels of confidence and promote independence, whilst empowering them to make decisions and choices about their lives. We will build trusting relationships with clients to help them overcome social isolation and to settle in the community.

Pathways staff and trained MMK Mind mental health workers will work together to pilot this new support services consisting of:

  • Mental Health Awareness training for Pathways staff/volunteers
  • ‘Coping with Life’ courses for clients
  • Staff awareness training covering anger management, self harm, anxiety and depression
  • A ‘Work & Wellbeing’ programme

1 to 1 Recovery Support

Following a joint proposal between MMK Mind and Pathways to Independence the following project has been developed to support clients that require 1 to 1 assistance in recovering their mental health and wellbeing so that they can progress on the journey to independent sustained living.

MMK Mind’s 1 to 1 support will centralise itself around the Recovery Action Plan model which places the client at the focus of the exervices in setting small actions and goals that will holistically improve their wellbeing.

The Recovery Action Plan (RAP) consists of looking at 10 key areas of a persons’ life and then asking them to subjectively score themselves in each area. The MMK Mind Wellbeing Worker can offer guidance at this point using a standardised Action Plan that will help to categorise the persons score in line with what they currently feel and do.

Once the ‘baseline’ score has been discovered the MMK Mind Wellbeing Worker will discuss with the client which of the 10 areas of the RAP are the most important to work on for improvement. They will converse with the client to look at what their long term improvement aim would be for their chosen areas and how this could be broken down into smaller, achievable goals.

At the end of each session the client is encouraged to complete a set task/s before the next 1 to 1 session where they feedback on how things went and how it made them feel.

Over a number of RAP sessions the tasks set and undertaken by the client will help them move towards recovery and achieve better wellbeing.


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