Work and Wellbeing (For young people aged 14-18). Supporting young people to develop ideas and plans for the future.

Work and Wellbeing is a six-week programme designed to support young people who may not currently be in education, employment, or may not be volunteering. It is designed to provide them with the help and support they need to progress into one of these three categories.

Our Wellbeing Workers can help young people who may be worried about the future to pro-actively build their coping strategies and their knowledge, so that they feel better-equipped to take the next step in their lives. If future-planning is something which brings you feelings of concern or self-doubt, and you feel that this can negatively impact your wellbeing, then this course may be able to support you.

Over the course of six weeks, our Wellbeing Workers can help you to:

  • Feel Understood
  • Learn new techniques to help you think well
  • Develop the confidence needed to work well
  • Experience new ways to live well.

This programme has been funded as a part of Kent County Council‘s Early Help Programme. The programme has been funded with a particular focus on Canterbury District and Ashford District.

You can find current dates for the programme below:

All courses are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

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