Health & Work Referrals. Please use this page to make referrals to Mid Kent Mind.

On this webpage you will find more details on the services which are offered for your clients by Mid Kent Mind.

At this end of this page, you will also find a built-in referral form so you can refer your clients directly into our services through this webpage.

Cognitive Behavioural Coaching Courses

Coping with Life

A 5-week group course focussing on understanding stress, anxiety and depression and how to better manage symptoms of these on a daily basis. To increase confidence, resilience and boost self-esteem whilst providing coping mechanisms for dealing with everyday life, stressors, anxiety and depression. Click here to learn more.

Social Support

Wellbeing Calls

To provide participants with a friendly voice to speak to weekly to increase confidence and reduce isolation. This can be a good stepping stone for participants who may want to join social groups or courses but need some support in building confidence to do so in a 1:1 environment. These are weekly 15 minute calls by our wellbeing workers.

Cooking Group

To increase confidence and independent skills in cooking healthy meals. A valuable life skill which is delivered in a group setting with a peer support and fun element to make new friends and reduce isolation.

To refer a client into one of these sessions or courses, please use the online referral form found below. For more details, you can e-mail