Virtual Bounce Back. A Six Week Course helping young people to develop their emotional resilience.

Do you know a young person who would benefit from a little bit of extra support during this difficult time?

Perhaps they would benefit from learning and developing coping strategies which will enhance their resilience, and enable them to better manage the challenges which they face – especially during the current climate?

If so, Bounce Back may be the course to help support them!

Bounce Back is a 6 week, youth emotional resilience course for ages 11-17.

The course teaches young people how they can combat stress, deal with emotions and reduce anxiety so they can ‘bounce back’ from the challenges they face in life.

The course includes:

  • An introduction to emotional resilience, get to know you games and activities
  • Identifying support networks and understanding the importance of having a support network
  • Understanding anxiety and how it can impact on you
  • Understanding stress and how to tackle it
  • The impact of relaxation on wellbeing & de-stress techniques
  • Understanding decision making and how to make emotionally intelligent decisions

Courses Available For Ages 9 through to 17 (Funded By Kent County Council & The National Lottery Community Fund)

7th of January 2021 – 11th of February 2021 | 4pm – 5pm via ZOOM | Ages 9 – 13

11th of January 2021 – 15th of February 2021 | 4pm – 5pm via ZOOM | Ages 14-17

17th of February 2021 – 24th of March 2021 | 4pm – 5pm via ZOOM | Ages 9 – 13

19th of February 2021 – 26th of March 2021 | 4pm – 5pm via ZOOM | Ages 14 – 17

To book spaces on any of the dates listed above, please use the form found below.

We are pleased to share that we are working in partnership with Kent County Council and The National Lottery Community Fund to offer Bounce Back courses virtually to young people in need of additional support.

These courses will be delivered through the virtual conferencing tool medium ZOOM (learn how to install ZOOM here), and will run for six weeks.

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