Vanessa, Justin and Barry Tackle The Brighton Marathon. Fundraising for Mid Kent Mind in 2021.

Fundraisers are an essential way that we are able to support the continued mental health support that we offer to our communities as a charitable organisation.

It is always exciting when somebody reaches out to us, sharing that they want to fundraise, as this provides an opportunity for us to partner up with new people, and share exciting new stories on the creative ways they have found to fundraise for our charity.

We are delighted to share that Vanessa, Justin & Barry have chosen to fundraise for our organisation – and are currently in the preparation phase for next year’s Brighton Marathon – a yearly event which brings in vital funds for charities of all shapes and sizes!

This webpage will be dedicated to sharing their progress with their fundraiser – showing you everything from their training and preparations, to monthly progress which they will be sharing with the people who support their fundraiser.

Here is a short message from the team:

Image of Vanessa, Bary and Justin - Brighton Marathon Fundraiser

“We’re so pleased to be raising funds for Maidstone and Mid-Kent Mind. Our target at the moment is £2500, but we are confident that with the support of the community, we can achieve even more, which would be incredible! We’re eager to get going – and we hope that we are able to make everyone proud as we continue to fundraise!”

You’ll find the updates below as we have them. We’ll be keeping you up-to-date with how their training is going, and how close they are getting to hitting their target.

September 2020 Update:

7 months to go – argh! We figured if we’re going to get through these 26.2 miles together then we ought to start training together!  And it’s definitely time to increase our distances! 

This pic below was after a 4.5 mile jaunt around where we work – nice & flat with a couple of little hills to get the heart rate up! 

Please keep the donations coming – it’s for such a worthy cause, goodness knows these next few months are going to be a massive mental battle for the 3 of us, but with your support we can do it!!!

Barry, Justin and Vanessa - Brighton Marathon - September Update

August 2020 Update:

Wow, a month goes quickly doesn’t it?! 8 more to go!

We’ve hit holiday season over the past month but still managing to squeeze in various runs here & there.

Vanessa’s ankle injury has vastly improved. With new fancy moulded to her feet insoles she’s back up to running 2.5 miles without having to stop to walk which is brilliant & since the gyms have re-opened she’s back to spin classes which has made the ankle pain pretty much disappear which is great news!

Justin has been to the Lake District & judging by the photo he’s managed to cover many miles of walking! He continues to do a combination of road & treadmill running by himself but now his running buddy is back in the game they will back to pounding the ground together a few times a week.

Barry is currently on holiday in Crete & as you can see his marathon training involves enjoying the odd Mojito here & there! Prior to his holiday though he did manage to get up to running 7 miles which is a great improvement over the course of a month.

Let’s see how the next month goes with building up those distances!

Please keep the donations coming – it’s for such a worthy cause, goodness knows these next few months are going to be a massive mental battle for the 3 of us, but with your support we can do it!!!

Brighton Marathon - August 2020 Update

July 2020 Update:

1 month down, 9 to go!

Training is going well for 2 of us; Barry is increasing his road running distances gradually which is brilliant. Justin is running daily like he does with a combination of road running & treadmill but sadly with no running buddy at the mo.

Vanessa unfortunately has a running injury – Peroneal Tendonitis. Had it treated 3 weeks ago, this week finally turned a corner pain wise – sticking to walking & strength training at the mo but hope to get those running trainers on again very soon!

Please keep the donations coming!

Click here to view their fundraising page.

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