Time To Talk Day 2023 Access resources to help you have conversations around mental health.

The 2nd of February is Time To Talk Day – presenting a great opportunity for us to encourage meaningful conversations around mental health within our communities. To help with this, we wanted to create some resources which you can use to encourage conversations about mental health in your own organisation.

If you would like to learn more at any point, please e-mail community@midkentmind.org.uk.

Mental Health Icebreakers

Sometimes, it can be hard having a conversation around mental health. We can worry about what we’re going to say or do. The truth is, normal conversations can often have more of a positive impact on our mental health than we realise – which is why we’ve put together some helpful Icebreakers you can use this Time To Talk Day. By reflecting on what we’re thinking and how we feel about different things, we can naturally move the conversation onto mental health.

Click here to download our Icebreakers sheet.

Top Tips For Self Care

When we’re thinking about support others with their mental health, it is important that we make the time to support our own mental health, too. That’s why we wanted to share our ‘Top Tips For Self Care’ – a handy little guide that gives you a few ideas for things you can do to look after your own mental health.

Click here to download our Top Tips For Self Care.

Where can I have a Conversation?

For many of us, just having a conversation about mental health can be really difficult – so we find that pairing a conversation with an activity that we enjoy or are invested in can make a huge difference. We’ve created a small idea sheet for places you could have a conversation about mental health. Why not add your own ideas to it?

Click here to download our ‘Where Can I Have A Conversation’ sheet.

Social Media Posts

Do you represent a business or an organisation who would like to do more to mark Time To Talk Day this year? We’ve created a handy folder with five pre-made social media posts which you may like to use to mark the day – alongside some suggested copy.

The more we all encourage conversations together, the more we normalise mental health.

Click here to download our Social Media Content pack.

Everyday Mental Health

Our Everyday Mental Health training is a free, one-hour training session which is designed to help people learn more about how they can support other people with their mental health. Below, you’ll find a link for posters for this training session.

We should all be encouraging conversation – so help us raise awareness of this training, and help us make a difference! You can find posters below.

Click here to download our Everyday Mental Health posters.

Handy Helplines

There are lots of great helplines out there which can help with your mental health. We’ve listed a few below:

Release The Pressure – a 24/7 helpline available for anyone who wants to chat. Call 0800 107 0160 or text ‘Kent’ to 85258.

Samaritans – 24/7 support which can lend a listening ear. Call 116 123.

Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) – support for people who may be experiencing mental health crisis. Call 0800 58 58 58 or visit https://www.thecalmzone.net/.

Childline – free support for young people. The phone number will not show up on your phone bill.

Every step we take towards normalising conversations about mental health is a step towards making a difference in our communities. Join us as we mark this important day and work together to make a difference!