Mid Kent Mind are delighted to share that we have received funding as part of the RECONNECT Programme.

To quote from the Kent County Council webpage on this project:

“Reconnect is a community-led programme designed to get Kent’s children and young people back to enjoying the activities and opportunities they took part in before COVID-19 – as well as the chance to try new things along the way. Everyone can get involved!”

Mid Kent Mind are excited to be able to offer some of our Cognitive Behavioural Coaching (CBC) courses as a part of the Reconnect Programme – providing young people with the opportunities to learn more about their mental health and wellbeing so that they are better equipped and in a more emotionally resilient position to go on to enjoy the activities and opportunities which they embraced before the pandemic. Our aim is to provide young people with safe spaces where they can explore any negative thoughts or feelings which they may have in the wake of the pandemic, so that we can help them to overcome them and prevent them from becoming a barrier which prevents young people from re-engaging with society.

As a part of this programme, we are happy to be able to share that we will once again be working with our long-standing partners at Youth Resilience UK – who will help with the delivery and facilitation of the sessions available as a part of this programme. You will find full details on the courses available as a part of Mid Kent Mind’s RECONNECT offering below.

FREE Calligraphy Courses (Ages 11 – 18)

Our FREE Calligraphy Courses provide young people with a chance to try a new activity – embracing the wellbeing benefits which trying a new activity and learning new skills can bring.

Every young person taking part in one of our Calligraphy courses receives a free Calligraphy Starter Kit.

Click here for more details.

Life After Lockdown Courses (Ages 9 – 18)

Life After Lockdown is a four-week programme of one-hour sessions designed to explore social networks, isolation, and how we manage our relationships following the long-term lockdown which has been necessary during the pandemic.

Spaces are free to young people – with courses split into age brackets to ensure they are appropriate for each age group.

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If you have any questions about the support which Mid Kent Mind are offering as a part of the Reconnect Programme, then you can contact our team.

Either call 01622 692383 or e-mail mindhelp@midkentmind.org.uk.

The Reconnect Programme - Reconnect Programme Logos

The Reconnect Programme - YRUK and MK Mind Logos