Taming My Temper January 2019 – MMK Mind have a Taming My Temper course starting on January the 9th 2019. Please view the below poster for full details.

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Taming My Temper January 2019. Taming my Temper. A course for 11-18 Year Olds. Taming My Temper is a 6-week course for 11-18 year olds which helps participants to learn how to reduce aggressive behaviour, and manage their anger better: - Week 1 is a settling in session, where mental health in its broadest context is looked at and explored whilst participants also undertake registration paperwork and some get to know you activities. - Week 2 looks at anxiety and how it can affect people, introduces some theory around thoughts, feelings and behaviours, and also looks at the cycle of anger. - Week 3 covers what happens to their bodies when they get angry, relaxation techniques including calm and controlled breathing and progressive muscle relaxation; and encourages participants to take a ‘time out’ when feeling anger coming on. - Week 4 participants look at a technique called the anger alligator to help them learn to reduce aggressive outbursts - Week 5 participants learn the RAIN technique to help them to reduce aggressive outbursts - Week 6 sums up everything that has been learnt and some end of course evaluation is undertaken, certificates are presented to participants. Please Note: Participants will only benefit from this course if they wish to be on the course, and are willing to listen and engage with the advice and guidance offered by a Wellbeing Worker during the sessions. Starting Wednesday 9th of January 2019 at 4pm-5pm at MMK Mind, 23 College Road, Maidstone, ME15 6YH If you would like to know more about our Taming my Temper course please contact Nikki on 07534 044518 or email nikkibrooker@mmkmind.org.uk.