Changes To Our Community Activity Groups - Changes to service due to COVID-19.

Community Groups


COVID 19 UPDATE: Mid Kent Mind have had to suspend the limited face-to-face services we were offering due to new Government Guidance.

If you were due to access a invite-only Social Group then please note that these have temporarily been suspended again – but you are welcome to access any of the open-access ZOOM groups listed further down this page.


Cooking Group

2pm – 3:30pm

Use ingredients you have in the cupboard and join us as we discover delicious new recipes – many of which are from BBC Good Food.

Click here to join us every Tuesday.

Miss a recipe? We’ve put together an archive of our recent ones.

Click here to access them.


Fusion Golden Friends (Formerly Six Ways To Wellbeing Art Group)

10am – 11:30am

Get creative with the things you have lying about the house and use them to make Bug Houses, Wind Chimes and more.

This group is delivered in partnership with our friends at Fusion Healthy Living Centre, and is designed to benefit both our clients, and clients who may have accessed the Fusion Friends face-to-face sessions we were offering in a joint capacity.

Click here to join us every Wednesday.

Traditional Art Group

2pm – 3:30pm

From taking part in painting sea-side scenes, to using leaves to make artwork, we do something new and creative every week!

Click here to join us every Wednesday.


Peer Support & Recovery Group

10am – 11:30am

Third Thursday of every month – providing an opportunity to seek support and talk to other people who may relate to your experiences. 

Click here to join us on the third Thursday of every month.

Social Group

2pm -3:30pm

Join us for a chat and take part in our weekly quiz. We promise it will test your general knowledge!

Click here to join us every Thursday.

Click here to learn more about installing ZOOM.

ZOOM Delivery Timetable

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ZOOM 6 Ways To Wellbeing Arts and Crafts starting 15th of April, and ZOOM Peer Support & Recovery Group starting 16th of April. 

Tuesday. ZOOM Bake Group. 2pm - 4pm. Join us for our Digital Cookery group every Tuesday. Visit our website for the conference call link. Wednesday. ZOOM 6 Ways To Wellbeing Arts and Crafts 10am - 12 noon. Join us for our Digital Arts themed around the 6 Ways to Wellbeing. Visit our website for the conference call link. ZOOM Arts and Crafts 2pm - 4pm. Join us for our Digital Art Group every Wednesday. Visit our website for the conference call link. Thursday. ZOOM Peer Support & Recovery Group. 10am - 12noon. 3rd Thurs of Every Month. Join us on the third Thursday of every month for a peer support group for people recovering from poor mental health. ZOOM Social Group 2pm - 4pm. Join us for our Digital Social Group every Thursday. Visit our website for the conference call link.

Changes to weekly Social Groups due to COVID-19

Due to Government Guidance around COVID-19, we have taken the difficult decision to close our building in Maidstone. This means that our day-to-day services will no longer be running from this building. Some of these key services are our community groups – which provide support to people on a weekly basis, and help them to take part in activities and socialise, all of which can be beneficial for their wellbeing.

We understand the importance of maintaining a good level of wellbeing and mental health, and we appreciate that this is especially important during periods of self-isolation, so we have taken the decision to change our services to still provide support throughout the coming weeks. 

How will your weekly groups change?

Our weekly sessions will change to accommodate sessions which we are able to deliver remotely. To start with, our Gardening, Singing and Walking groups will be suspended. This means that there will be no community support groups on Monday or Friday, with Wellbeing Calls being offered instead. These ten minute phone calls will provide you with an opportunity to check in with a Wellbeing Worker and have a conversation – something which we feel is crucial in tackling the isolation and loneliness which can become prevalent at times like this.

In addition to this, we will be delivering Cookery, Arts & Crafts and Social Group sessions through a digital video conferencing platform known as ZOOM. This will allow you to check in with our Community Group lead worker, Suzanne, during this period of time, and will also give you an opportunity to have a live-chat with other people who would usually access our services. You will be able to follow along with the activities Suzanne is taking part in as well – helping to provide a consistent sense of routine during periods of isolation.

ZOOM works by simply accessing a video conference through a specific link – which will be shared on our Social Media, and on this webpage, on days when it is necessary. You will need the programme installed ahead of time to access these conferences, so click here to install this

If you are unable to access ZOOM, then additional Wellbeing Calls will also be available during this period – ensuring that you still have access to support on a week by week basis. 

These groups are made possible thanks to Live Well Kent. Click here to complete your own Online Referral, which will make you eligible to access this support.

This is a new type of delivery for us, but we are eager to provide support throughout this difficult period, so will persist with delivering remotely wherever is possible. Do note, however, that there may be slight changes to delivery during this period. Please stay tuned to our Social Media platforms, and our website, for the latest updates as soon as we have them.

If you have any questions or concerns, then our team are contactable remotely during our normal working hours. You can contact us by e-mailing

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