Recovery Action Plans Feedback

We have some great Recovery Action Plans Feedback. See the quotes below from students who took part in the activity.

Recovery Action Plans Feedback - Student 1: Before: Before I went to the 1-1 session, I was very anxious, low on self-esteem and had a ton of problems building up, making me suicidal and self-harm. I had trouble with my gender identity too. During: The 1-1 sessions were scary at first I had trust issues and was afraid to talk about my problems. But I realised that I was ok, so I started opening up. I spoke about my sleeping problems and we made a plan on how to improve my quality of sleep. I spoke about my anxiety and again we made a plan to help. I spoke about my eating problems and me seeing things that don’t exist. Me opening up helped a lot. It’s difficult to talk to certain people but this time it wasn’t. I felt like she cared. After: I now am able to sleep better, I have an anxiety/calm box to help with anxiety. This really helped me and I would do it again. I feel this would help others too. Student 2: Before the course at home, my brother was telling on me hitting me and pushing me and biting me. I used to kick off. I used to disappear and go and play football. But when I had someone to talk to about all the good things and the qualities it helped me to cope with my problems. I could explain to her all my problems and how I deal with them. She would point out all the bad ways I was using to deal with the situation. Then she would put me in another persons perspective in another persons situation. So she could make me look at my actions and how they were making the situations worse and would suggest other ways of dealing with it. Like going into another room or doing something that makes me feel better and feel positive about myself. YRap is good because the outcome makes them feel a lot better. If it wasn’t there for my problems I would have struggled even more dealing with my problems.