Calligraphy Summer Camp Photos Check out photos from our Summer Camp.

Thanks to generous funding from the National Lottery Community Fund, Mid Kent Mind were able to provide a Calligraphy Summer Camp for young people between the ages of nine and seventeen this Summer. This session was designed to provide young people with a chance to get creative, learn new skills, and also develop their support network over the Summer Holidays – so it was great to see so many young people joining us for these sessions.

You can see some photos from the Calligraphy Summer camp below. We think these photos show just how much fun we all had – including the members of our team who got to be involved in this project!

We also provided an opportunity for the young people involved in the course to provide some direct feedback on how they found it, and how it helped them. You can read some of the quotes directly from the young people who took part in the Summer Camp below.

“This course has improved my wellbeing because I can do Calligraphy when I’m anxious.”

“I enjoyed that during the sessions, the atmosphere was very calm but also fun, and that we could work at our own pace. I also appreciate that all of the staff (Yvonne, Hannah, Sam, Nikki and Natalie) were very kind, helpful and supportive. They made the sessions very fun.”

“The course has helped me with a more stable sleeping schedule.”

“I enjoyed being able to step away from life and relax for an hour and           a half.”

“The sessions were really relaxed and everyone was super friendly which helped to make me feel comfortable. I really liked doing the pencil case.”

“Thank you because it has helped me being creative, and to think beyond what I can imagine.”

We are delighted that funding from The National Lottery Community Fund continues to enable us to deliver support services like our Calligraphy Summer Camp. We hope that these sessions provide young people with access to new activities which benefit their wellbeing whilst also allowing them to form new friendships.

This wouldn’t have been possible without Yvonne, Hannah, Natalie, Nikki and Sam from our team. We are lucky to have a team who deliver such fantastic support programmes for young people.

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