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Mid-Kent Mind appreciate the benefits that getting outdoors and exercising can have on the mental health and wellbeing of young people during this difficult period of time. We also appreciate the benefits that trying something new can have, and the positive impact that networking with others can have in tackling feelings of isolation which lockdown may have caused.

With this in mind, we are offering socially-distanced Self Defence classes for young people in Maidstone.

The aim of these self defence classes will be split between two key factors.

The first is the hope that young people will be able to proactively engage with wellbeing activities, providing them with an opportunity to meet other young people, form lasting relationships and feel more confident in engaging within the community.

The second is the hope that young people will walk away from the programme having learnt meaningful and valuable skills which they can utilise in their lives. This can be the self defence skills themselves; or the values of teamwork and leadership which come with those skills.

The course will be delivered over the Summer Holidays – providing young people with an opportunity to access support during extended periods of time away from education settings. 

The sessions will be delivered by a qualified instructor from Surge Self Defence.

We are, of course, conscious about the current Coronavirus pandemic – so every effort has been made to ensure that these sessions can take place outdoors. They will be hosted at Mote Park in Maidstone (ME15 7RN), and cones will be used to ensure that young people maintain social distancing, and crucially, that they are safe.

This is something which Surge Self Defence have already been undertaking independently, so we are confident that they have the expertise and the knowledge to deliver these sessions without putting any young people at risk.

For full details, and to register your interest, please e-mail or complete the contact form found below.

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