Chief Executive Officer
Henu has a background of working in the charitable sector for several years - with her career focussing on both domestic abuse and mental health. Henu is excited to join Mid Kent Mind at a period of growth and change for the charity, and looks forward to helping to shape it's services so that it continues to offer diverse and varied services which meet the needs of people who need them most.
Adult Services Manager
I first joined MK Mind in September 2016 as a student who was looking to gain experience in the mental health sector. During my placement, I developed my skills and my confidence, allowing me to deliver a range of groups and courses. These courses allowed me to develop a keen interest in working with a mental health organisation such as MK Mind, as I was inspired by the person-centred approach which MK Mind took. In addition to my time at MK Mind, I have had experience in a variety of areas within the mental health sector. This has included (But is not limited to) assisting social workers, helping facilitate art courses at a day centre and volunteering at mental health organisations across the Medway area.
Youth Services Manager
From an initial career in banking I have spent the last 20 years working with children. The most recent of which was as a Higher Level Teaching Assistant within a primary school. During this time, I have always supported pupil wellbeing and in recent years became more interested in this aspect of my role. By joining Mid Kent Mind I am looking forward to the challenges the role will provide, increasing my knowledge and helping children, young people and adults with the emotional and mental health issues that they encounter on a daily basis.
Business Development & Training Lead
I have a background in education and training and find enjoyment in helping individuals of all ages to learn and develop new skills to support their personal development. I joined the Mid Kent Mind team as a Mental Health Worker having participated in their Coping with Life course. Having gained an appreciation of the difference mental health support can make to someone who is experiencing anxiety and depression, I wanted to use what I had learnt to empower others and raise awareness of the support that is available. As a Mental Health Worker, I am involved in the day-to-day delivery of some of Mid Kent Mind's core services, ensuring that individuals can access a range of support to help them develop skills that will aid their recovery and enable them to manage their wellbeing going forwards.
Lead Counsellor
I enjoy my varied work within Mid Kent Mind, and get real job satisfaction from helping vulnerable adults whether it’s a one-one role or group work. I put people at the top of my priorities, build solid working relationships through a non-judgmental, person-centred approach, and strive to support others whenever possible making time for them when they need it.
Communications and Fundraising Manager
As the person in charge of the Marketing and Digital Presence for Mid-Kent Mind, I enjoy being able to experiment with a variety of digital tools to drive engagement with our services, and crucially, to raise awareness of Mental Health within the greater community as a whole. As my first job straight from College, working for MK Mind has given me invaluable opportunities - allowing me to learn about everything from E-Mail marketing, to working with members of the press. I hope I am able to use these skills, and these opportunities, to further the charity and our mission for years to come.
Senior Wellbeing Worker
I joined MK Mind in October 2014, and am very much enjoying my position as Wellbeing Project Worker. My career background has involved working with and supporting children, mainly teenagers, that are in care. I am inspired by all the new projects already underway at MK Mind and those being created that support mental health and improved wellbeing from many angles.
Counselling Officer
I joined Mid Kent Mind in 2015 as a volunteer and fundraiser after being a service user recently diagnosed with EUBPD. I felt drawn to Mid Kent Mind and the services they provide and was fortunate enough to be asked to join as a member of the staff team. Over the years I have worked in schools and with the general public, delivering a multitude of courses to promote good mental health, wellbeing and knowledge. I began to further explore my role within Mind and after working in an IAPT position I am now part of the counselling team, a role which I love. Knowing first-hand how beneficial the counselling service is, allows me to passionately promote it. In the spirit of continuing my learning I am currently studying Psychology at university with the hopes of becoming a specialist in personality disorders.
HR Officer
I joined MK Mind in March 2019, having been in various Administration roles over the previous decade, across a number of different sectors. Having known the guidance and support individuals receive from Mind and the brilliant work they do to improving peoples’ lives I jumped at the opportunity to join the team. I enjoy my role of assisting the counselling team and helping with the smooth running of such a worthwhile company.
Wellbeing Worker
I have worked for MK Mind since May 2017 as a Wellbeing Worker, having volunteered since January 2017. In my previous life I worked mainly in Financial Services, occupying a variety of jobs over a 30 year period, latterly as a Team Leader in Insurance. I first contacted MK Mind to ask for support for teachers in schools and young people in the area in which I live after I lost my eldest Son to suicide in November 2016. Since joining MK Mind I have been involved in all the different social groups, particularly enjoying the gardening and singing!, as well as delivering our coaching courses to young people and adults, where I believe we make a massive difference to peoples ongoing wellbeing and mental health. I am also in year 3 of an OU degree which is covering Psychology and Health and Social Care.
Wellbeing Worker
I have had a passion for wellbeing and mental health since I was in school, informing my choice to read for both my undergraduate (BSc Psychology with Clinical Psychology) and my Masters (MSc Foundations in Clinical Psychology and Health Services). During my Masters, I gained clinical experience volunteering as an Honorary Assistant Psychologist for an NHS IAPT service, where my love for helping people was solidified. This led me to Mid-Kent Mind, where I started working as a Wellbeing Worker in June 2021. Here, I support people to maintain their wellbeing and assist them with their mental health and wellbeing issues, which is incredibly rewarding. I look forward to using my knowledge and training in the hope of positively impacting people’s lives through delivering CBC courses, RAPs and attending the social groups.
Wellbeing Worker
Nikki joined the Mid Kent Mind team in 2021 to support with continued demand in the wake of the pandemic. She has become an important element of our frontline delivery team - helping to facilitate the delivery of CBC courses, social groups, and more. Nikki helps to ensure that people continue to get access to support with their wellbeing.
Wellbeing Assistant
I first came to Mid Kent Mind as a student completing my work experience. During the week I was able to get a taste of how the courses are run inside the office and out in the community, as well as meeting wonderful service users in the social groups. My short time at MKM was incredibly fun and I already felt part of the team. As my last year of Sixth Form abruptly ended in 2020, due to the pandemic, I began officially working at Mind in April, co-leading the Virtual Youth Cafe. Over the year, I’ve progressed to becoming a Wellbeing Assistant, whilst also completing my first year of University studying Psychology. I thoroughly enjoy working with young people and making focusing on our mental health and wellbeing engaging for them. Although I am yet to give face-to-face delivery, I am eager to connect with our service users and bring their smiles back to the office.
Wellbeing Assistant
Warren is an essential part of Mid Kent Mind's core Wellbeing Team - helping to facilitate the day-to-day running of our Community Groups, and ensuring that all of our clients have access to the support that they need. He is an invaluable part of our daily operations and we are grateful to have him as a part of the team!
Wellbeing Assistant
I have been interested in working with people with many different life experiences and difficulties. Before I joined Mind I worked in a behavioural school and thoroughly enjoyed it. I wanted to further myself within a different sector of work and found Mid Kent Mind in which I hadn’t thought about working within. It is a new and exciting experience for me and I’m very excited to see where it takes me and to further myself as an individual.
Admin Assistant
I joined MK Mind as part of the admin team in the summer of 2021 after finishing university. I wanted to be able to help people in their day to day lives and give them guidance in their struggles as I myself have struggled with my anxieties in the past and would have benefited greatly had I had a support network such as MK Mind, by joining MK Mind I have been provided that opportunity to help people. I have also been given the opportunity to learn new skills and gain new experiences that would not have been available to me otherwise.
Marketing Assistant
I Joined Mid Kent Mind in Summer 2021, My favourite part about being in the marketing sector is having access to professional and business level editing software and programs that I otherwise wouldn’t have. I’m looking to gain experience in a new field of expertise to further expand my resume in the hopes of furthering my career in a work sector of my choice.
Wellbeing Café Worker
Pip has worked with us at Mind for a number of years, in a variety of roles across our adult and youth services. Currently Pip is a well being cafe worker. And in this role offers a welcoming and safe space at the well being cafe to the service users accessing the service.
Wellbeing Café Worker
Judith is an incredibly positive member of the Mid Kent Mind team - always lighting up the office when she is in! Judith is passionate about ensuring that people who come along to our Wellbeing Cafe services have a safe and welcoming space where they can come, talk about how they are feeling, and feel listened to. She puts a lot of energy and enthusiasm into the Cafe and the service that it provides to the community, and we are very grateful to have her as a part of the team working on the Cafe!
Wellbeing Café Worker
I joined Mid Kent Mind as a Wellbeing Café Worker in 2021. My career path started in Holistic Therapies, which I still have a real passion and respect for. Along the way my jobs and roles have varied within Public, Private, Educational, Charity and Volunteering sectors! I love to learn new skills and can often be found enrolling myself on a variety of courses. Infact it was a Mid Kent training course that led me to work with them. Helping others and making a difference, (however small) will always be at the heart of everything I do.