Mental Health First Aid - Nationally-recognised training equipping people with the tools and knowledge to help others.

As we continue to de-stigmatise mental health and ensure that talking about it is the norm in places of work across the country, many organisations and individuals alike are seeking out opportunities to become accredited in mental health qualifications, enabling them to make a difference. This is where Mental Health First Aid Training comes in.

Developed by Mental Health First Aid England, this is a nationally recognised course which provides people with the opportunity to complete either a full two-day course, a one-day course or a half-day course. Completing the full two-day course certifies people as ‘mental health first aiders’ – equipping them with the tools and the knowledge necessary to support people who may be experiencing ill periods of mental health.

This training is available in both Adult and Youth varieties. A two-day course in either of these areas will provide participants with a certificate, a MHFA manual, a quick-reference card featuring the MHFA Action-Plan, and also a workbook with a toolkit included to support personal mental health.

Adult Training is ideal for people who work with adults for a day job, or workplaces who are looking to invest in additional training to support their internal wellbeing strategies. It is important to note it isn’t limited to these areas, however, as anyone with an interest and a willingness to learn can become Mental Health First Aid qualified. None of us know when we may need the confidence and knowledge to step forward and support someone.

Youth Training provides the same standard of training but takes a focus on the issues which face young people today – including exploring areas like the impact which Social Media can have on our mental health. People in educational settings, alongside parents and carers are likely to find this training particularly beneficial when it comes to empowering them with the knowledge to confidently support young people.

MHFA is provided by Mid Kent Mind in a virtual capacity. You can view some of our current open-access courses, and their costs, below.

There are currently no open-access MHFA dates available. Please check back for more information soon!

MHFA is also something we offer internally for various organisations – and this can be in either the half-day, one-day or two-day formats.

If this is something you are interested in, then please don’t hesitate to contact our training team via to discuss this further.