Managing Me For Boys – February 2019

This course will begin on the 26th of February 2019. Please see the below poster for full details.

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Managing Me For Boys - February 2019 - Managing Me is a 6 week course specifically designed for young people aged 11-18 to learn how to cope with life and focuses on dealing with stress, anxiety, depression and self-image. Utilising Cognitive Behavioural Coaching techniques, self-analysis exercises, peer interaction support and 1-to-1 recovery action planning the course enables participants to: Explore mental health in its broadest context and improve awareness. Understand anxiety and how it can affect people, introducing theory around thoughts, feelings and behaviours, encouraging participants to explore their own anxiety. Learn about different thinking styles and how these can have an impact upon life particularly negative thinking styles. Learn 3 different techniques to improve relaxation. Understand stress and depression to better identify what causes both stress and depression whilst looking at the support networks that they themselves have available. Explore life-long coping strategies to recover from ill mental health or maintain wellbeing. Starting 26th of February 2019. Running for Six Weeks. at 4pm - 5pm at MMK Mind, 23 College Road, Maidstone, ME15 6YH If you would like to know more about our Managing Me course please contact Nikki on 01622 692383 or email