FREE Virtual Tai Chi Classes for Young People. Aiming to start soon pending signups.

We appreciate the importance of having engaging activities for young people to take part in during current periods of Social Distancing and lockdown. We’ve already shared FREE Yogalates classes over on our YouTube channel, and now we are looking at ways in which we can provide additional support to young people during this difficult period of time.

One thing we are looking at introducing is a free programme of Tai Chi Classes for Six Weeks over the Summer Holidays. The aim here would be to provide young people with access to structured groups that they can take part in – facilitated by the CLUB CHI.

The type of programme we are looking at delivering will focus on Shibashi Qigong – which is often describe as ‘movement meditation’. The idea of this is to help young people engage well with mindfulness, whilst simultaneously encouraging them to try new activities which can help to reduce stress levels and improve emotional wellbeing.

A good example of the benefits offered can be found in the following quote, which a young lady who has attended a previous course shared with us:

“I find it more beneficial for me than yoga, because there is the focus on the breath – something which can really help with stress and anxiety.”

We are currently in the process of gaging what kind of interest there would be for a virtual Tai Chi programme.

If you believe a young person you know would benefit from this programme, then please get in touch via the below form to let us know.

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