Mid Kent Mind are working with Kent County Council’s Early Help teams to offer mental health and wellbeing support to young people in Kent as a part of the Early Help Programme.

As a part of the programme, we have been funded to offer a range of courses which utilise Cognitive Behavioural Coaching (CBC) techniques, as well as some one-to-one support.

More details on the full programme can be found below.

Bounce Back 

This course teaches young people how they can combat stress, deal with emotions and reduce anxiety so they can `bounce back’ from the challenges they face in life.

The course includes:

– An introduction to emotional resilience, get to know you games and activities.

– Identifying support networks and understanding the importance of having a support network.

– Understanding anxiety and how it can impact on you.

– Understanding stress and how to tackle it.

– The impact of relaxation on wellbeing & de-stress techniques.

– Understanding decision making and how to make emotionally intelligent decisions.

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Youth Wellbeing & Resilience Action Plan (WRAP)

Some of the common areas explored during WRAPs can include:

  • Managing my wellbeing and anger
  • Physical Health and Self-Care
  • Living skills and responsibilities
  • Social Networks
  • Relationships
  • Identity and Self-Esteem
  • Aspirations
  • Challenging and/ or addictive behaviours

Whilst these are common areas addressed during these sessions, sessions will be individual to the young person participating in them.

In short – they are in control of the sessions they access, and the areas which they wish to cover.  Our Wellbeing & Resilience Action Plans last for six weeks – with each week consisting of a one-hour session with one of our Wellbeing Workers.

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Taming My Temper

This course looks at the causation of negative emotional behaviour and the anger response displayed by people. It then looks at ways to minimize negative emotions and alternative ways to cope and remain calm.

Utilising Cognitive Behavioural Coaching, peer interaction support, self-discovery exercises, relaxation techniques and task setting, the course enables participants to:

– Explore anger in it’s broadest context and improve awareness.

– Understand anger and how it can affect people, introducing theory around thoughts, feelings and behaviours and encouraging participants to explore their own emotions.

– Learn about different cognitive styles and how these can have an impact upon life.

– Learn different techniques to improve relaxation, and much more.

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Work and Wellbeing Course

Mid Kent Mind can help young people who may be worried about the future to pro-actively build their coping strategies and their knowledge so they feel better equipped to take the next step in their lives. If future-planning is something which brings you feelings of concern or self-doubt, and you feel that this can negatively impact your wellbeing, then this course may be able to support you.

Our wellbeing workers can help you to:

– Feel Understood.

– Learn new techniques to help you think well.

– Develop the confidence needed to work well.

– Experience new ways to live well.

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Support is available to young people in Ashford, Canterbury, Swale and Maidstone.

All Early Help Programme courses are available through Early Help Team’s referrals, so please use the details found on this page to find your local Early Help Contact.

As a part of this programme, schools are eligible to book Bounce Back courses for internal delivery to their students. This can be delivered in a face-to-face format, or via a virtual format given the circumstances we all find ourselves in currently.

For more details and to enquire about running a course in your school, please contact  bookings@midkentmind.org.uk.

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