Digital Managing Me CBC Courses For Young People. Managing Me Courses will be delivered online.

As our delivery changes to adapt to the current outbreak of COVID-19, the way in which young people are able to access Cognitive Behavioural Coaching courses – like Managing Me – will also change. 

Our CBC courses will now be delivered through the online video-conferencing platform known as ZOOM – providing an opportunity for young people to still take part in these courses. You can install ZOOM here. Attendees to courses will be sent a unique URL for the course which they are accessing, and will then be able to access their online courses through this platform. 

Managing Me is a 6 week course specifically designed for young people aged 11-18 to learn how to cope with life. The course focus on dealing with stress, anxiety, depression and self-image. Our current Managing Me Dates are funded through both The National Lottery and Children In Need – providing individuals with the chance to access these courses for free.

If young people are struggling with coping during the prolonged periods of isolation which are prevalent currently, then these courses may be beneficial in teaching young people coping mechanisms. 

Current Dates:

Additional dates and times T.B.C.

To book your young person’s space on one of our current Managing Me courses, you can complete the contact form found below.

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