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Our current programme of Managing Me courses has been funded as a part of the Kent County Council Early Help Programme – providing young people with access to support.

Managing Me is a 6 week course specifically designed to provide young people with a chance to learn how to cope with life and focuses on dealing with stress, anxiety, depression and self-image.

Utilising Cognitive Behavioural Coaching techniques, self-analysis exercises, peer interaction support and 1-to-1 recovery action planning, the course enables participants to:

– Explore mental health in it’s broadest context and improve awareness.

– Understand anxiety and how it can affect people, introducing theory around thoughts, feelings and behaviours whilst encouraging participants to explore their own anxiety.

– Learn about different thinking styles and how these can have an impact upon life, with a particular focus on negative thinking styles.

– Learn 3 different techniques to improve relaxation.

– Understand stress and depression to better identify what causes both stress and depression whilst looking at the support networks that they themselves have available.

– Explore life-long coping strategies to recover from ill mental health or maintain wellbeing.

We are currently offering support to young people between the ages of 11 and 18. Courses are split into age segments to ensure good peer-to-peer relationships across all of our programmes.

You will find our current dates listed below.

Current Dates:

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