Coping With Life Mental Health Courses - CWL provides focussed group sessions to support you with your mental health.

As part of our package of support, MMK Mind offer Coping with Life Courses which are designed to support people by teaching them coping strategies and other skills to help them live with their mental health conditions.

Coping with Life

Coping with Life is a combined course which looks at the mental health difficulties an individual may encounter in their day-to-day life, such as Anxiety, Stress and Depression.

Through the use of cognitive coaching, self-awareness and self-reflection, participants are able to learn more about the different issues which they may encounter and crucially, how they can better manage those individual variables. Across the course of a 5-week programme, the lead Wellbeing Worker will help individuals to identify potential triggers within their lives, and will then promote the development of positive coping mechanisms to overcome and manage their day-to-day mental health in a more positive and proactive manner.

The course also utilises elements of peer-to-peer support and participation – allowing individuals accessing the course to build one another up and develop positive relationships as a group working towards a coherent goal.

The aim of the overall programme is to empower individuals to leave feeling more confident in themselves and their abilities to manage their mental health.

Courses are delivered through the Live Well Kent programme.

To access a Live Well Kent course, you can complete an online referral form here.

You may also wish to access our Community Services – which are delivered alongside our Coping with Life programmes.

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