As part of our package of support, MMK Mind offer two distinct Coping With… Mental Health Courses which are designed to support people by teaching them coping strategies and other skills to help them live with their mental health conditions.

Coping with Anxiety & Stress

Coping with Anxiety & Stress is a 5 week, group based programme that helps people develop an understanding and coping strategies for stress
and anxiety.

This course promotes the use of cognitive coaching, self-awareness and self-reflection in managing stress and anxiety in life. Participants are helped to identify triggers and coping mechanisms so that they can maximise their own self-management techniques for both improving and maintaining mental health and wellbeing.

Participants will learn to identify the causes and effects of stress and anxiety, learn practical skills to help them manage this and identify ways of reducing stress and anxiety levels before this can become entrenched or evolve into depression.

The course includes participation in peer support group activities and exercises based around self-esteem and confidence that will build a greater understanding of stress and how it contributes to anxiety. Participants will also learn alternative methods for helping to manage and reduce stress and to control anxieties to reduce the impact on day to day life.

Coping with Depression

Coping with Depression is a 5 week, group based programme that helps clients develop an understanding and coping strategies for depression.

Participants are initially provided with information and activities that help them understand the thoughts, feelings and behaviour that can create depression. They will learn about all the associated aspects
of depression, including:

  • Causation
  • Prevalence
  • Signs of development
  • Variance by individual
  • Progression of severity

Participants undertake group work and exercises that look at identifying the causes of their own depression and how this can be positively managed, with the aim of working towards a sustained recovery.
They will also develop skills that will help them to change their emotional cycle, learning how to effectively use a range of cognitive coping tools and mechanisms to deal with times when they are feeling low.

Courses are delivered through the Live Well Kent programme.

To access a Live Well Kent course, you can complete an online referral form here.