FREE Bank Holiday Wellbeing Workshop Workshop For Young People. A FREE Virtual Livestream Event For 8-17 yr olds.

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Event Timetable

Bank Holiday Wellbeing Workshop Event Timetable. Pre-Event Start: 9:45am Welcome: 10am Morning Mindfulness - Garden Mindfulness: 10:05am Yoga: 10:15am Art Session 1: 11:15am Mind Session 1: 12:30pm Boxing: 1pm Art Session 2: 2:15pm Maidstone Museum History Session: 2:50pm Mind Session 2: 3:05pm Young Lives Foundation: 3:35pm The Family Mile: 3:40pm Mindful Cooldown: 3:45pm Event End: 4:25pm. Please note these times are approximate. We look forward to you joining us for the event!

Event Partners

Event Partner Logos - Olympia Boxing, Art-K Maidstone, Maidstone Museum, Namaste Kids, Art Moves, The Family Mile and Young Lives Foundation

Update: 27th of August 2020

Our last update before the event – our final two partners have been revealed!

The Young Lives Foundation will share advice from their young people on how to cope with anxiety in the return to school, and The Family Mile (part of The Mason Mile and Mason Foundation) will share advice on making exercise fun!

Update: 26th of August 2020

Today brings another update for our event – with the wonderful team from Art Moves joining the roster of partners involved in the event!

They will be providing an additional Arts and Crafts session on the day, encouraging young people to embrace the benefits that creativity can have on our mental health.

Update: 24th of August 2020

We are excited to share another partner for our event today – Namaste Kids.

Namaste will be providing a FREE Yoga session for young people as a part of our day, providing them with an opportunity to appreciate the benefits of mindfulness and relaxation.

Update: 19th of August 2020

Today, we are excited to share two more partners who are joining our event – Art-K Maidstone, and Maidstone Museum.

Art-K Maidstone will be providing a free, thirty-minute Arts and Crafts session for young people.

Maidstone Museum will be providing a free, thirty-minute session which explores a variety of different pieces of history – encouraging young people to feed their inquisitive side.

We are hoping to share a timetable with you ahead of the event towards the end of next week. 

Update: 10th of August 2020

We are delighted to confirm our first Event Partner – Olympia Boxing CIC!

Olympia Boxing will be providing a free, hour-long Boxing Session as a part of our day. We will share more details on when in the day they will be available soon.

Stay tuned for more partner announcements soon!


Mid-Kent Mind are delighted to share that we are working to host a ‘Bank Holiday Wellbeing Workshop’ livestream this Summer Bank Holiday, on the 31st of August 2020.

This livestream is being hosted as a part of our Reaching Communities programme, and it is our hope that this livestream will provide young people with a welcome distraction from the events currently taking place in the world, whilst also helping to prepare them by equipping them with the tools to face the ‘new normal’ they will encounter at school with an increased level of resilience.

So, what should you expect?

We are working hard with our partners to develop a rich and diverse programme for different ‘sessions’ which will take place across an approximately six-hour livestream on our YouTube channel – providing young people with an opportunity to dip in-and-out of pre-recorded sessions which will be streamed live for them, free of charge, on this day.

We are currently in talks with partners from different organisations to develop a mixture of different sessions incorporating some of the following:

  • Sports and Physical Exercise
  • Mindfulness
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Relaxation
  • Local History
  • Resilience Building

Whilst we can’t announce specific partners or sessions which will be taking place quite yet, we are aiming to have the day run from approximately 9am – 3pm. We may move this depending on the feedback we receive – so do let us know what you think!

What do we hope young people take away from this?

It is, of course, a fact that the return to school may have many young people feeling anxious and uncertain about their futures. The ‘new normal’ we all face is incredibly different to what we are used to – and this can be something which is felt even more by the young people who experience it so overtly as a part of their every-day routines.

It is our hope that this ‘Wellbeing Workshop’ will provide young people with an opportunity to embrace some escapism – alleviating those anxieties by providing them with a safe space to try something new. We also hope that our more tailored sections, focussing on things like coping strategies, will help to better prepare young people for the realities they may face when they return to school – equipping them with the knowledge and the tools to manage the emotions they may experience.

We are really excited to try this brand-new form of delivery, and we really hope that you are able to join us. We look forwarded to seeing you on the 31st of August!

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