Live Service Updates: Week Commencing July 11th

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 Service Update: 10th of July 2022  A Level 3 Heat Warning for the South East means there will be some changes to services this week.

Important Service Update: 10th of July 2022

We are conscious that there is a Level 3 Heat Warning in place for the South East of England for the coming week – and are aware that some of our groups and services are delivered either entirely outdoors, or from venues which require a significant amount of on-foot exposure in order to get to them.

With this in mind, there will be some cancellations to our regular services this week in order to account for this. We never want to cancel services, but we want to ensure that we are keeping our clients and staff safe and well, and do not want to encourage un-necessary trips given the heat levels which we are likely to see this week.

Right now, we have taken the decision to cancel services which run in Canterbury tomorrow. This means there will be no walking group, but also no Crafts Group and other services which would usually run from the Thanington Resource Centre. Our staff will contact regular clients first thing tomorrow to notify them of this change.

This is currently the only cancellation we have in place, but there are likely to be more changes throughout this week as we continue to tackle this heatwave. Please keep an eye on our Social Media channels for additional updates. We will always endeavor to contact individuals who would normally access these services to notify them and will share frequent updates where needed.

Thanks for your continued support. Stay safe and well during this week, and we hope you’re able to make the most of the sunshine in a safe way!