Update to Livewell Kent Services – January 7th 2022

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Updates To Our Livewell  Kent Services Find out the latest information.

Whenever changes to our services occur, we are always conscious about the impact this has on our clients. We understand fully how important a sense of routine is to maintaining mental health – and we know how important the opportunity of connecting with others is. Balancing these needs with the physical health of our clients during the pandemic has been a challenge – and with the continued challenges Omicron brings, our Livewell Kent services are once again adapting to continue to provide more consistent support throughout this uncertain period of time.

From today (7th of January 2022), all of our indoors face-to-face services funded by Livewell will be resuming virtual delivery. This means that the Art Group and the Mindful Group based in our Maidstone building will now be virtual, as will the Art and Mindful groups which were due to begin in Ashford this January. This also means that all of our peer support groups will return to virtual delivery for the time being.

Our face-to-face Walking Group in Maidstone, our Walking Group in Faversham and our Gardening Group in Ashford will continue to run outside. We ask service users attending these outdoor groups to Social Distance, and wear masks if they wish.

More details on our Services can be found on the Maidstone & West Kent, and Ashford/Faversham/Canterbury webpages.

Thank you for bearing with our team as we navigate these difficult times together. Our goal continues to be to provide you with as much support as we can, but we have to do this in a capacity which keeps both you and our staffing team safe.

If you have any questions then please don’t hesitate to get in touch via 01622 692383 or e-mail mindhelp@midkentmind.org.uk.