Mental Health Performance in Canterbury


As part of our responsibility to keep in the know about all things Mental-Health in Maidstone and across the Mid-Kent area, we were delighted when we received an invitation to a mental health theatre event taking place in Canterbury – organised by a member of staff from Canterbury Christ Church University.

Watching the ‘You Don’t Have to Be Mad to Work Here (But It Helps)’ piece was a wonderful experience – showing something which was clearly crafted with a focus on authenticity and real-life experience which was really reassuring to see. The piece focused very thoroughly on communicating real people’s experiences with Mental Health through the actors – and each actor did a compelling and wonderful job of bringing these stories to life. We had stories of hope and happiness, and stories of stigmatisation and negative past treatment – all important in informing the more accepting world that we are working towards today.

The show did a fantastic job of incorporating the audience to really break down barriers – creating a show which felt very representative of the society we are trying to build in the world today. We were all sitting together, talking and sharing the same experiences as part of the show – with no clear barrier between audience and performer. This, I feel, is how we should approach mental health. Whether you are experiencing a mental health problem or not, you are no different from anyone else – so we should all be treated the same.

The performance was a fantastic and insightful show – and a great opportunity for us to interact with the local community. These shows were just testers for now – but stay tuned for more developments in the future as we will be sure to share them!

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