A Student Placement At MMK Mind

A Student Placement At MMK Mind - Kayleigh's tale of her time with MMK Mind.

Below you will find our article titled ‘A Student Placement At MMK Mind’ – a article written by our long-term student placement, Kayleigh. 

Who am I?
My name is Kayleigh and I am a Wellbeing Worker at Maidstone and Mid Kent Mind. I started working here in September 2017 on placement, as part of my Psychology degree I am undertaking at Bournemouth University. My placement here at MMK Mind has just ended, but I am still here! I was fortunate enough to be offered a full-time position until I return to university for my final year of study in September.

What have I been doing?
During my time here at MMK Mind, I have been responsible for co-delivering a range of front line mental health services to individuals experiencing mental health problems. These services include delivering Coping with Life courses, supervising social groups, undertaking initial assessments and most currently, co-writing a course on parental anxiety.

Personal Development
I feel my skills and knowledge in the mental health sector have developed immensely since the start of my placement. Having studied mental health in University, I had a background knowledge of mental health illnesses, but I didn’t have any real-world experience of working with people experiencing such difficulties first hand. Having had the opportunity over the last 8 months to do so, I feel I have broadened my understanding and existing knowledge of the mental health sector and widened my awareness of mental health services in the local community.

What have I learnt?
The key thing I have learnt is how vital it is to talk to someone if you are experiencing mental health problems, because mental health is just as important as physical health. One conversation to a friend, colleague, health professional or family member can change your life for the better!