Thank You Taylor Wimpey For Your Donation

It feels nice to be able to say thank you to our community for another donation – this time from Taylor Wimpey.

We were delighted to receive an email from Taylor Wimpey a couple of weeks back – informing us that for the month of November, we had been chosen as their Community Vote within our area and subsequently would be receiving a donation of £250 from the company.

Taylor Wimpey aim to support many of the charities and local groups in the areas where they operate – something which is wonderful to see. It is great to see a company taking responsibility for the areas that they operate within, and making an active effort to make a positive impact within the community areas they operate within. You can learn more here:

So, how will this donation help? Well – it will support our frontline services. Donations are vital in allowing us to offer support to people when they need it. As such, Taylor Wimpey’s donation will make a real and tangible difference within the community.

Donations allow us to continue to deliver some of the services we do from our Maidstone site, so we are incredibly lucky to receive the volume of donations that we do from various organisations in the area. It sounds cliche, but it does make a difference. Every donation, no matter it’s size, goes towards making a positive change.

To summarise – thank you, Taylor Wimpey. Your donation will help make an incredibly positive impact in the area. We appreciate your generosity, and are excited to be able to share with you what your money will be going towards.