Thank You Aldi Maidstone For Your Donation

We are lucky to work in a generous community – with individuals and organisations making donations to MMK Mind, such as the donation we are about to discuss.

As a charity, we find donations incredibly beneficial – providing us with an opportunity to innovate and provide services which may not sit within the standard permissions of different contracts and funding terms.

With this in mind, we were delighted when Aldi got in touch with us regarding our garden project – informing us that they wanted to get involved and donate some items which will help the group. At the time, however, Aldi did not have many gardening items in stock – so they instead donated an incredibly generous amount of food and drink supplies to our charity for use across our groups. As the Christmas season approaches, this is incredibly beneficial, as it will allow us to treat our service users in the run up to festivities, allowing us to give something back to the people who come and use our services.

We cannot thank Jan (Local Area Manager for Aldi) and Brad (Our Local Store Manager) enough for their help in making a donation to our charity. Not only were they charitable, but they showed a real interest and enthusiasm in where exactly their donation would be going – asking about some of the courses that their donation would help towards and how we would use the donations to make a positive difference to service users.

We continue to be overwhelmed by the generosity of our local community – both from large-scale companies and smaller-scale individuals. Your continual support, encouragement and generosity is so vital in allowing us to help benefit our community and the people within it in need. Every donation we receive makes a genuine difference – so we cannot stress just how much we appreciate what our communities do for us.

If you would like to learn more about some of Aldi’s charity partnerships they work with on a larger scale, you can read about them here: charity-partnerships