About the course …

Resilient Minds is a FREE 1 day course for Parents age 17+ that are experiencing mental health issues and for Parents
of children that have mental health issues, Autism or ADHD.

The course has been designed to help Parents manage stress, anxiety and low level depression and to build resilience in preventing these conditions from becoming entrenched negative factors.

Parents will explore the ‘Six Ways to Wellbeing’ combined with the idea of mindfulness to provide them with a menu of practical self­help activities and ideas to build and maintain positive emotional wellbeing and resilience. 

The full day course includes: 

An introduction to the Six Ways to Wellbeing and Mindfulness

• Individual assessments of how stressed and mindful participants are

The 1 minute mindfulness tool 

The stress bucket

The happiness hour

Turning off your auto pilot

Body Scanning and understanding physical sensations

The conscious observation tool

Reconnecting to body and breath

The mindfulness cues tool

Mindfulness in your daily life

Strategies to beat your stress

The Difference between mindfulness and concentration

Introducing mindful meditation

Start dates …

22nd May 2017,    19th Sept 2017,    23rd Jan 2017

To make a referral for this course please request a Resilient Minds referral form from MMK Mind on:

tel 01622 692383  e-mail mindhelp@mmkmind.org.uk

There will be a maximum of 12 participants on each course.

The course will be held at:

An Ashford venue
(to be advised)

Resilient Minds is funded by a Kent County Council Early Help Grant