The Early Help Programme is made up of 2 courses, plus pre-course 1-to-1 support designed to help and support young people aged 11-18. Referrals can be made through Early Help or self referral.

Managing Me

Managing Me is a 6 week course specifically designed for young people learn how to cope with life and focuses on dealing with stress, anxiety, depression and self-image. This course looks at understanding what mental health is, how it can become negative and the ways in which this can manifest. We look at causes of negative mental wellbeing and deliver sessions that look to build confidence, self-esteem and coping mechanisms. (Courses run have shown a 56% increase in participants reported wellbeing.)

Taming My Temper

Taming My Temper is a 6 week course dealing with anger management specifically designed for young people that may have issues controlling their emotions and want to reduce the levels of anger and hostility that they display. This course looks at the causation of negative emotional behaviour and the anger response displayed by people. It then looks at ways to minimize negative emotions and alternative ways to cope and remain calm. 

Pre-course Support

1-to-1 pre-course support is available for young people that need extra help with their wellbeing in preperation to attend Managing Me or Taming my Temper. During the 1-to-1 session the young person will work with one of our Wellbeing Workers on a Youth Recovery Action Plan (RAP) which has been designed to allow individuals to take a hollistic look at their life and identify areas where they can take action to help their wellbeing. 

If you would like to know more about the Early Help programme please contact
Nikki on 01622 692383 or email

To access through Early Help please contact Infozone, Maidstone on 01622 755044

The Early Help Programme is funded by a Kent County Council Early Help Grant