About the qualification

Building on MMK Mind’s Mental Health Awareness training, this qualification is intended for pastoral, tutoring, teaching and youth staff who work in educational or youth settings who want to:

  • Learn basic counselling skills.
  • Be able to use these skills with students.
  • Enhance their existing role through providing pastoral support.
  • Recognise when students may need to be referred for further sources of support and learn how to refer.
  • Improve personal and professional relationships.

Length of qualification: 6 weeks.
Total qualification time: 18 hrs (3 hrs per week Guided Learning Hours).

This course is a Level 1 non accredited course and will not train candidates to become a counsellor. However, progression could be on to an accredited Level 2 certificate in Counselling Skills.

Learning outcomes (skills, knowledge & understanding)

The learner will be able to …

  • Understand the limitations and work within the limitations of their role.
  • Establish boundaries for helping work.
  • Understand and communicate empathic understanding.
  • Focus on the helpee’s agenda.
  • Understand the importance of self-awareness and professional awareness in helping work.
  • Use listening and responding skills.
  • Use review and feedback to develop initial counselling skills.


There is no external or internal examination for this course. To pass the course and receive certification, candidates must be assessed as Proficient in all seven learning outcomes. Candidate portfolios are internally marked by the Tutor. Candidates must give one piece of evidence for each criterion. In addition, the Candidate Learning Journal, when complete, must include references to all three assessment methods (documents, tutor observation and testimony).

About our Trainer

  • Our Trainer has over 25 years experience in working with children and young people in various pastoral roles in schools, colleges and for local authorities as well as in community based projects.
  • Has worked with young people who suffer from anxiety, depression, school refusal/disengagement, phobias, drugs and alcohol use, attachment issues, who exhibits behavioural problems and students who have additional learning needs.
  • Is a qualified counsellor, teacher and counselling trainer.
  • Has delivered training to over 2000 members of school staff in Kent.

Find out more / Register your interest

The course costs are £120 per person, and runs for 6 weeks with a maximum of 8 learners required to conduct training.
For more information about this training please contact Julie Blackmore: julieblackmore@mmkmind.org.uk / 01622 692383