Coping with Anxiety & Stress – Faversham is a course designed for young people in the Faversham area who are looking to better manage their stress and anxiety levels.

Starting Wednesday the 26th of September.

Coping with Anxiety & Stress - Faversham - Coping with Anxiety is a 5 week, group based course that helps people develop an understanding and coping strategies for Stress and Anxiety. This course promotes the use of cognitive coaching, self-awareness and self-reflection in managing stress and anxiety in life. Participants are helped to identify triggers and coping mechanisms so that they can improve their own self-management in both improving and maintaining their mental health.  Participants will learn to identify the causes and effects of stress and anxiety, learn practical skills to help them manage this and identify ways of reducing stress and anxiety levels before this can become entrenched or evolve into depression. The course includes participation in peer support, group activities and exercises based around self-esteem and confidence that will build a greater understanding of stress and how it contributes to anxiety. Participants will also learn alternative methods for helping to manage and reduce stress and to control anxieties to reduce the impact on day to day life. This course will take place at the Abbey Physic Garden in Faversham, ME13 7BQ. The course starts on Wednesday the 26th of September, and will run from 09:30 - 11.